Hello WordPress

So I have decided to join the world of wordpress after leaving my old blog behind on Blogger. It was a touch decision but as i only had 7 people following me I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to ask those lovely people to follow me on here instead. Makes so much sense as my day job involves managing websites using WordPress (duh)

Anyway enough of that…so what shall my first post be? mmmm

Well topical at the moment is weddings…off to my 3rd appointment tomorrow to try on dresses- still havent found ‘the one’ but feel it is only a matter of time. Totally fell in love with Ian Stewart dresses for the following reasons…

  • Vintage feel
  • Elegant & Beautiful
  • Gorgeous Silk & Taffeta
  • Dramatic but subtly elegant…

….& above all else he has a Belle Epoque collection! and as the reception is at the beuatiful Belle Epoque, it seems like fate. So we shall see… Watch this space!!!