New logos…

 Now that I have had my first order placed and fulfilled exclusively for Bill & Betty at Home (who have some gorgeous products by the way, you really should take a look) I thought I would splash out on some new logos & product label designs!! Sooooo exciting for me. Hope you like them! Let me know what colour you prefer.
Caroline Jackson...Made in Britain

My company...Delightfully British textile pieces

Caroline Jackson logo

New logo...


Caroline Jackson logo

Pink & Green?


Caroline Jackson logo

on white background



Decorative Vintage Tins

Blast from the past…

Thought I would share these vintage finds with you as I think they are lovely. My mum found them at my nana’s house whilst trying to find something she had mislaid, they are really really really old medicine tins that were bought from Boots many many moons ago!

Medicine tins from Boots

Medicine tins from BootsCompound Pastilles!

She really liked the tins that much it inspired her to collect a more from various Vintage shops and online shops! Here is the rest of her colllection….

Pontefract Cakes!... my mums always been a fan!

Pontefract Cakes!... my mums always been a fan!

Vintage tins

...even an tobacco tin

Vintage Tins

Good old Horlicks!